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A recent thread on this forum got me thinking about the rusty floor panels on my D2. They're pretty badly rusted through, probably from a leaking windshield gasket or roof insert seal.

 I can't remember where I heard about the guy but I found the Plymouth Doctor Restoration Parts website and was happy to see that Wayne offers floor panels for my car.  The aol email address, however, doesn't seem to work.  Also I see on the web that there are more than a couple people frustrated by long, long waits for parts.

I'm fine with waiting for floor panels for a few months because it'll give me time to get my car into a shop, remove the seats and carpeting, etc. in preparation for metal repairs.  If I take it apart and never receive new floor panels, well, that's a problem.

Does anyone here have recent experience with Wayne?

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Guy's name is Wayne Brandon. Phone 517 625 7596. Cell 517 285 3675.  Port Perry Michigan. I last dealt with Wayne in 2010. Got quarter panel patch panels and tail pan pieces for the D2 Coupe. I must admit I have not installed them so can't vouch for fit quality. He had an extensive catalogue of body parts at that time. However I have heard that he may no longer be in business. I got the body parts when they were available so I would have them when I might eventually be able to do body work.  Try these numbers and see if he answers. As I recall, he was a nice sincere fellow. Let us know how this turns out.

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