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Locobobile model 38 dash clock and Yale bonnet locks wanted

Chris Batty

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I live in the UK and have nearly finished restoring a 1917 model 38 Locomobile but am missing the Watham dash clock and the two Yale bonnet locks - does anyone have these items spare so that I can complete the restoration. There do not seem to be any other model 38 or 48 Locomobiles in the UK, so sourcing spares over here is difficult. If anyone has the whole triangular central instrument panel including the clock, I would be interested in buying that as well. As you can see from the photo, I have the car running and compe in some Edwardian race events, but would like to get these last parts to make the car complete. I would also like to fit the car with wire wheels ( because I race it and think these would be safer), which I believe were a factory option at the time, so am also looking for a set of these or hubs and rims to use as a pattern.




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Hello Chris,

To send a PM (Private Message), click on my alsfarms icon above.  By clicking the icon you will be directed to an private area where you will see the choice to send me a message.  Create your message, send it and it will come directly to me  privately.  Next look above at the upper right hand corner of this AACA forum page, you will see the outline of an envelope.  When you send a PM (private message) that "envelope" will be illuminated to me letting me know that I have a message to read.  I then click on the envelope and can read your message privately.  Give a PM a try...



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