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Turn signal addition


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I drove a while with my single brake light at the rear of the car.  Besides the annoyance of doing hand gestures for turns, I was very concerned that someone would not see me if my car were stopped in or on the side of the road.  I made the decision that I would no longer drive the car until it had proper safety lights.  This is an installation guide to help those that want to tour in their cars and keep them authentic looking.    Hugh



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If you are going to drive one of these cars I think Hugh's approach to safety is almost mandatory.  People whizzing around in their modern cars late for work or dinner only understand a few hand gestures and up for right turn, straight out for left and down for slow down are not in their lexicon.  It's not fair to other drivers, you or your passengers to expect others on the road in modern cars to even understand what you are trying to hand-signal.   I didn't add a second tail light to my '31 8-86S but after all that time Buick still had no turn signals and only the one tail light standard. for "31  I don't know if the law changed or if Buick got tired of hearing stories about past owners that wouldn't be buying a new car because they got rear ended and killed but in 1932 Buick suddenly had 2 tail lights and fender mounted turn signals.  I see by the pictures that you went the modern route, I went old school on my car, refusing to drill holes in the fenders I made some simple brackets to attach reproduction Guide DH49 motorcycle turn signal lamps which are 6v incandescent with red, yellow or clear lenses.  I went with red rear and yellow front signals.  They are all operated by period correct restored Signal Stat 700 "Burn out proof" switch and 6 volt Tung Sol flasher all wired with cloth wiring in asphalt loom so it all looks like it belongs there.  The turn signal switch features pilot lamps to warn if a bulb is out.  It works great and while I would prefer to have 2 rear tail lights it would be a big tear up to add a second that looks correct.  I think with the addition of the turn signals and dual outside rear view mirrors I improved my chances of avoiding a collision quite a bit.   No matter how you do it adding turn signals to these old cars is a huge safety move.


That's a Signal Stat 700 Burnout Proof turn signal switch which features 2 pilot lamps marked Front & Rear.  If you are making a left turn and the Rear pilot lamp fails to light when you operate the turn signal switch THE REAR SIGNAL LAMP IS INOPERATIVE so you might consider pulling off the road to the right so that tailgater doesn't try to pass on the left as you slow to make your turn.   I also installed a set of Trippe Jr. driving lights from Steve Moskowitz.  The ivory colored switch operates the Trippes.


BW 062.jpg


These are the reproduction Guide DH49 turn signal lamps I found to use on the car.  They are marked with the Guide logo but are actually vintage Harley items.  Very good quality.


BW 065.jpg


These are the simple brackets I made to allow the turn signal lamps to be mounted under the upper bumper bar clamp bolt.


BW 066.jpg


Left rear signal lamp on one of the improvised brackets mounted under a lengthened bumper clamp bolt which avoids the need for drilling holes in fenders.  I used external spider lock washers to prevent lights from rotating and assuring a good ground circuit.  Note the asphalt loom.


BW 067.jpg


Front view of the 8-66S with turn signal lamps and Trippe Jrs. mounted.


BW 069.jpg


I saw a '31 Cadillac with steerable Trippe Srs. with wiring in stainless flexible conduit routed thru the gravel pan, liked it and copied it.  It compliments the wiring arrangement of the factory cowl lamps.  Like the cowl lamps the stainless conduit is terminated with a chrome special fitting that secures the conduit to the sheet metal at the gravel pan.


BW 072.jpg



BW 074.jpg




BW 076.jpg

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