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1932 Nash 990 Club sedan??

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I looking at a original Nash sedan that is quite handsome. It needs everything but the body lines are very handsome  to say the least. OK Nash boys, was this considered a club sedan with the blind quarters ? The seller says the WB is like 134 inches. please advise .It fires 2 plugs per cyl. Thanks Mike West

1932 Nash club sedan.jpg

1932 nash sedan.jpg

1932 nash  inside.jpg

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The big Nash is a great car, if it has the worm drive rear be prepared to make axles. Otherwise they are fantastic drivers, rare, unusual, and interesting.

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Did you end up getting the car? It is certainly a first-series Advanced Eight club sedan. I have a second-series '32 Advanced Eight victoria I'm working on recommissioning. Where did you find this one?

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