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Unique petrolania salesman sample for sale


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For the little boy who has almost everything. Check out the ruler in one picture, this is only 8” tall !!   This is one of the most unique items of gas station and service equipment I’ve ever seen. A detailed, miniature , actual working model of an early Lubester.  Can you imagine back in the dawn of transportation, people were just making the transition of buying their motoring supplies from the local hardware store, and small service stations were being set up everywhere.  Often, the start was the local blacksmith shop, as it was in my old hometown.  A traveling salesman would make his call, and out of his little leatherette case would come this actual working model of an oil dispenser.    Sure had to be easier than the previous method, likely similar to cider from a barrel.  Take a look at all the details, you can get a quart, half gallon or a gallon. Even has a spot to mount a sign.  A working float level shows how much is in the tank. Precisely made from steel and  brass., nicely nickel plated.  Be the envy of your friends when you pull this out of your stocking on Christmas morn.   You will be so excited like a small child, your spouse will forgive you for buying it for yourself.  $2250, including priority insured postage from 44857. PayPal GIFT or when check clears. Personal checks always welcome. To discuss, tmorsher@icloud.com      Alway glad to take payments, if that helps.  Tim 




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