Early Wagner K-40 distributor for sale?

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Early Wagner K-40 6 cylinder distributor, turns freely, the advance/retard plate moves well, has cap, points and condenser (operating condition unknown). 


Not sure what it fits, my Studebaker parts books only go back to 1920 and it doesn't appear to match anything after that so I assume it's earlier. 


Price is $125 plus shipping. 


PM me with any questions. Have other Wagner ignition parts (points, condensers and cap (one only)


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Here are photos and additional information for the Wagner ignition parts:


Distributor Cap - Appears NOS (the center electrode and spring are included, but not installed in cap)- $75

Point set - NORS - Filko brand - $ 15

Rotors - Two rotors: very slight wear marks on right one but electrode surface is like new, other may be aftermarket, clean. - $35/pair

Condensers -  Two: one appears used and has surface rust, other is clean but may be used, operational condition unknown.  - $35/pair 


Package deal for everything - $125 (plus shipping). 


Parts are sold , Thank You!


Wagner Dist. Cap3.jpg

Wagner Dist.Cap2.jpg

Wagner Dist. Cap1.jpg

Wagner Points.jpg

Wagner Rotors2.jpg

Wagner Rotors1.jpg

Wagner Condenser2b.jpg

Wagner Condenser2a.jpg

Wagner Condenser1b.jpg

Wagner Condenser1a.jpg

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