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What is this unknown part?

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Were I to guess, they would be spark plug covers for a pre war 6 cylinder, being there are 6 "pockets" and only 3" wide, but that cannot be as there is no "louver" to get the wires out.

Have not seen anything like these on an old Buick, or Chrysler for that matter.

Got me stumped.

Mike in Colorado

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Pete:  My thought is that these are water jacket covers for the early straight eights. Group 1.140  used from 1931 through 1935 until the water passages were cast into the block itself.  Of course each of those 8's had its own sizes as shown in the parts book; so hopefully some of the guys on this site who have one of these engines could measure theirs to compare with yours so you can determine what series covers they fit.

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24 minutes ago, Pete Phillips said:

Someone told me that it might be a splash control cover for the rocker arm assembly on a straight eight (?). Anyone ever seen one of these on a straight eight or a straight six Buick?

Pete Phillips


Like this thread? But the image is lost due to photobucket changes. 



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On 12/8/2019 at 12:13 PM, Pete Phillips said:

Spent the day helping a friend identify a truck load of old BUick parts he bought, but I cannot identify these, even though they look familiar. About two feet long and 3 inches wide. They look old enough to be Pre-War but might not be Buick?



Glassesguy got very close with the right Group Number!


These are specific to the 1934/35 Series 40 233 cubic inch engine and are RARE.





img-191224110856-001 (2).jpg

img-191224110933-001 (2).jpg

img-191224111013-001 (3).jpg

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5 hours ago, Pete Phillips said:


Many thanks for this! Well done on the research!

Pete Phillips

No worries Pete.


They look N.O.S. in the photos - certainly in really good shape. 


When these covers find a new home this is essential information to pass on


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Stuart: Last year I referred one our chapter members to your 2010 post on the subject of his 1935 Model 46 overheating. Owned the car since 1983 but was not aware of the baffle inside. Using your pictures as reference, he used a brass door kickplate available at many home centers or hardware stores.  He cut, fit, and installed it.  So far this seems to have cured the problem, although he was not able during this last year to really give the car a good long drive. 

I met you at BCA Danvers Meet in 2011. Good to see you're continuing to post.

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