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Nickel plating for my 1922 Buick

Mark Kikta

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Today I took off work and drove 2 1/2 hours to Librandi’s plating in Harrisburg, Pa to pick up my plated parts.  I was very happy with the quality of work done by them.  You can see my front bumper (1/2 of it), my water tube and all of the hood parts and Motormeter.  

I met with Larry D’Barry near Gettysburg on the way home and we had a great lunch talking about Buick’s!





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When I dropped it off I think he told me 17-20 weeks because they were really backed up.  Today he said they were not backed up to badly and they were completing jobs in about 8 weeks right now.  It took between 5-6 months to get this order.

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I work 1/4 mile from Librandi's at Harrisburg IAP (KMDT) and have had all my Nickel and Chrome plating done by them.


Like Mark, I have never been disappointed and they are worth the wait.  For me it has normally taken 3 to 4 months.


The question to ask yourself when getting parts plated is to you want a good job or a quick job.  I many cases you will not get both.

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I paid 2200 for everything on the table.  It only shows 1/2 of the front bumper however.  I would estimate 4-500 for the water tube but that is only a guess.  My bumper was a lot of work so that cost me a bundle I’m sure.  I’m sure the bumper and clamps cost me 900 plus and the motormeter was 400 or so plus everything else.  I don’t have an itemized list.



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