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1931 & 1932 intake manifolds

Pete Phillips

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From the 1928-41 master parts book  part numbers are

Manifold intake

3.265 1240120 1931 50

3.265 1259587 1932 50


Manifold exhaust

3.601 1252989 1931 1932 50


So intake manifolds have different part numbers, but that does not mean they will not interchange.

Need photos from some one.


Exhaust manifolds are the same, so may be some hope

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In 1931 the Marvel heat riser that attaches to the bottom of the manifold is a 1  barrel affair with a Marvel T3 carburetor which is 1 barrel.   Then if I'm no mistaken in 32 they went to a 2 barrel, in fact I believe they went to the TD-2S carburetor and the matching heat riser that was used on 1931 60 series cars and the 31 60 is 2 barrel, I've got that car..  Pete- if the 32 manifold has 2 holes at the heat riser mounting the user would have to change to the carburetor and heat riser setup for 1932.  1931 60 series heat riser in picture 1, on the car with TD-2S on the car.





HR 043.JPG


HR 051.JPG

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