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Heater hose brackets...odd question

Scott Farrington

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For many of you this will be easy and I will end up feeling dumb.  Or, perhaps we can all feel stumped for a while.   I was asked if I had the heater hose bracket for a 49 - which I do.  They are all the same I think from '41 on up.  Turned out I have one on a 48, and two 49's.  HERE is where it gets my noggin going:  On the '49 Riviera hardtop, the bracket is identical to the other two EXCEPT there is an added bracket for a third hose.  Every car I look at has two hoses.    What is the third hose for?!?!


The picture shows three brackets.  The top one is from the 49 Riviera Hardtop and has the extra bracket which connects under the tab before it latches into the fender and hangs below the bracket.    

heater hose brackets.jpg

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Extra clamp may be for Dynaflow hose .small hoses for the heat system and also cooler for the transmission .Also there are 3 outlets on the water pump for small hoses also.Sorry I can’t remember how they are routed .Being a Roadmaster it would have had Dynaflow .

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