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Found: Black 6 Volt 20 Amp Dodge Brothers Amperes Gauge


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After reviving that old thread on Dodge Brothers amp gauges last week, and thanks to Machinist_Bill, I got to see a picture of the correct amp gauge for my 6 volt 1926 Dodge Brothers Deluxe Sedan. I would love to find one for sale one day, and I figure if I’m going to find one I better start asking around. Anyone have one of these?




Photo courtesy of Machinist_Bill 

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1 hour ago, nearchoclatetown said:

Call George at Romar, he had a bunch of gauges at Hershey. Or Myers, they will have one too.

Thanks, good idea. I will contact them both. My intuition is telling me these are hard to find. 

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As far as my knowledge goes, Yes. From my research the amperes gauges have been through a few revisions, but the oil gauges all seemed to look the same up until they switched to the white gauges. So that oil gauge could probably be from 1914 to 1926. 

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Anyone know if Dodge Brothers used either of these type of gauges? They're both currently on eBay for $30 plus shipping if anyone needs one of them. Note the part #'s are different. No affiliation with seller and condition unknown... 


If not DB or GB related shoot me a PM and I'll delete post if needed.


First one - Item # 153731175665

Part 2135-N




Below - Item # is 163951849462

Part 1823-N



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On 12/8/2019 at 5:43 PM, nearchoclatetown said:

This style oil gauge didn't happen until at least LATE '15 or '16. Not sure it shows as being different in the parts books as both are 4 lb.  

nearchoclatetown is correct. So far I have photos of 3. The National 955 looks to have had painted trim, smaller lettering, and the logo is not "White Filled". Then the stainless or nickle 955-G & 955-N that Surf City 38 just posted. Notice that the logo is "White Filled" on both.




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