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transmission needed 1938


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1 hour ago, alsfarms said:

Hello 2nevets,

I have heard that the 1937 may be a stand-alone year.  I am dealing  on one that would be extra to my 1937 DeSoto.  Is the 38 floor shift or column shift?


Column shift for Chrysler products started in 1939.

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The Hollander shows the T86-1A as being used in the 1936 Chrysler Airstream and 1936 De Soto S1.


The 1937 Desoto and Chrysler C14 Imp, C16 Roy used case T86-1P.


The 1938 -1939 De Soto and Chrysler overdrive case was T86A-1.


These all bolt up to the bell housing and some to the universals also. On others switch universals or split joints. Check Trans. lengths carefully. Not sure if all have the brake on them.

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