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Mohair Upholstery Fabric for Sale


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I have acquired some unsold, automotive  grade, high quality mohair upholstery fabric  manufactured for  LeBaron-Bonny. I have approx 30 yards of a Medium Brown (chocolate brown) color for sale by yardage. Material has a short nap with a latex backing and has very little "grin"; the showing of the backer when bent. Nap is very tight, does not pull out easily and does not seem to rake when rubbed like some mohair type fabrics do. I have an old LB sample, No.30-15, which is close to this color but just a tad lighter. The material is sold by the linear yard and is 54 in.wide. Samples are available upon request. This is the last of this color, and very limited amounts of the other colors so when they're gone, they're gone! There are several other colors available: Brown(darker), Green Brown, Dark Green and Burgundy Red, but only in bulk rolls of 50 yards. I also have samples for these colors. Price is $55.00 per yard plus shipping.This was a private purchase between myself and the manufacturer and has nothing to do with the Lebaron-Bonny company. For more info please PM me for details.

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