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1989 Lincoln speaker replacement


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We have a 1989 Lincoln Town Car.  The dash speakers are shot and we are looking for replacements.  Has anyone out there found plug and play replacements?

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I have considered just going to a local auto audio shop, but expect that the latest and greatest speakers will not have the old Ford style plug.

I was hoping that someone in the audience would have crossed that bridge and found a true 'plug and play' replacement.

I would certainly expect newer speakers to have better sound.


Thanks for replying...

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A good radio repairman could probably take the old connector off your speaker and mount it on the new one.  In the grand scheme of things it's a lot more important to get a good sounding speaker and not worry about connecting the speaker cable to the new speaker.  Wiring terminals work and you can also solder them for a great connection! And no one is going to see the speaker anyway so it's not very important!

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