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1927 Buick Leaf Spring Bolts


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Running into a sang on my restoration of my 1927 Buick. Both front leaf spring bolts (at the front of the frame) with the grease fittings are broken (looks like the previous owner tried to remove them and snapped off the end) Bobs does not carry them for this year. I was wondering if there is a "easy" fix to use the bolts from some other manufacturer??

Thanks in advance

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Your Buick is a Standard, so you could probably buy 9/16-18 shackle bolts for modern 4x4 and trim to length.

My 25 Buick Master uses 11/16-16 bolt which is a non standard size, so I had to turn down a 3/4 bolt and cut threads on the lathe just to have a bolt of the correct size, but still lacking cross drilling for grease, heat treat, and hard chrome plate.

both Master and Standard bolt sizes are highlighted in second pic from Buick parts book.



Greasable Shackle Hardware Bolt For Jeep XJ Trucks _ 4WP.jpg

front shackle bolt.jpg

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The technical term for these bolts are "wet bolts".  For the Buick Standard, these are 9/16-18 x 3 1/2"  This replacement from Eastern Marine has some knurling near the head that needs to be filed off.   A word of caution on replacement when installed -  especially at the front tip of the frame rail.  The bolt should not be snugged up tight.  It should be installed to hold the spring without putting pressure on the back side of the head.  The lock nut is what holds the bolt from spinning.  I have seen the heads pop off these bolts (at least the original ones) after being in service a couple of weeks.       https://www.easternmarine.com/rockwell-shackle-wet-bolt-4113-7w       Hugh



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