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Service Manual vs. Owner's Manual


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Hello -

I am a new member of BCA #39184 (Eric Zatman)

Is the service manual different from the owner's manual?

I own a 1991 Reatta that came with an owner's manual, but if there is a more complete service manual, I too would like to get one.

Thank you for any clarifying information.

I really appreciate the discussions posted on this site and will have my Reatta Divsion number from Nancy shortly.


Eric Zatman EZatman@aol.com

1991 Red Reatta Coupe (21k)

2000 Ford Mustang Convertible

1995 Toyota Camry Station Wagon

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You can register on this site without a Reatta Division number.

The owners manual that originally comes with the car is about the operation of the vehicle. The service manual is about the repair of the vehicle. Every Buick mechanic should have had one. They are about the size of an old Sears catalog, maybe a little larger. There are some on E-Bay at present. They are getting rarer and more expensive. If you do a search on here you will find several sources where they are still available. You need one if only to take it to your mechanic when needed.

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Question for the brain trust: I have a '90 New Product Information manual, and it seems very comprehensive, with far more information than I'll ever need. Just how much more does the "final" Service Manual edition have?

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Haven't seen a 90 new product manual but the final is probably twice the size. At a guess you are probably missing the information on brakes, transmission, cooling system, and maybe suspension.

Basically the "New Product" has the information that was known to have changed from the previous year but is published before the actual start of production. The final will have everything including changes made in production.

For example I have an 85 Fiero FSM so for my 86 SE the 86 NPI is all I needed.

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