Picture puzzle...Who are they and Where was it?

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I have this original sales brochure which was offered by Leonard Williams distributor in London England. The cover shows a 1937 Packard Super Eight LeBaron All-Weather Town Car.  The license plate is 1937 New York.There are two women passengers.

1. Who are the women?

2. What is the location?



LeBaron.jpg 001.jpg

TwoWomen.jpg 001.jpg

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Since it's a sales catalogue, the women are 

probably two long-forgotten models.


The building looks like a hotel or public auditorium

of some kind.  Nice pre-war architecture--but no one

would really pull up on the sidewalk just a few

feet away from the wall of the building!

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Interesting questions, I have done similar research on Graham-Paige advertising.  I was able to find one of the models identity (small starlet in the 1930s).  The buildings are normally fairly prominent Hotels, mostly around Detroit (from my research), one of the absolute favorites is Belle Isle in Detroit.  I have seen pictures of almost automobile built in Detroit from the 1930s in this park.




This is where the 1937 New Your Auto Show was held, my guess is it might be this building.



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Not looking to hi-jack your thread PackardMan.

In the 50's & 60's GM, Ford and others found it chic to shoot ads of their cars here in Palm Springs. Sadly, (in true California fashion), most of the buildings have been razed. 






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