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1932 BUICK WIZARD CONTROL Salesman's Pinback Button


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Now wouldn't this make a nice holiday gift for a 1932 BUICK owner you know (or perhaps for yourself)?


I have a wonderful condition, 1932 Buick “Wizard Control” dealer salesman’s pinback button for sale.  As any '32 Buick guy knows, "Wizard Control"  refers to Buick’s free-wheeling clutch mechanism that allowed the car to coast out of gear, when you took your foot off the gas pedal. Not real popular, and perhaps problematical. I believe it was phased out in a year or so.  This original BUICK pinback is 1-1/2” in diameter. 87 years old, and in excellent condition. Celluloid front, on a metal pinback.


$40, plus $5 shipping in the U.S. Thanks for looking. John



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