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Need "Roller Tires" 5.50X20 or 6.00X20

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Gentleman called from Virginia today about needing tires.

 He just purchased a 1929 Model 27 that has been stored since 1954. The tires are all flat in a petrified state. He would like 4 cast off newer useable tires to get the car moveable while he works on the car. Any 20" tires out there in our eastern region? I agreed it was wise not to get new ones until he is ready to have the car back on the road.


Alfred Puckett


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Not sure how quickly he needs them but I am going to be replacing my tires this Spring!  My tires “look” nearly new however the car sat for 20 or so years and have a flat spot on them causing mild shimmy at speed.


So, if he wants to wait till Spring I am sure we can work out something.

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Thanks for all the comments..............Al is my Dad and the car is in my garage. We are still looking for a set of rollers. A gentlemen reached out with a set of 19" tires, but I've  struggled with trying to determine the size of the tire. If I measured the rim correctly, they are indeed a 20" tire. My concern was I couldn't find any specs that called for a 20" tire in 1929.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.......



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What Morgan and I have posted here are the official Buick specs.  1929 Buicks are 20" tires.  If you want to really know how to measure a rim for the tire size, use a tape measure in the bead area.  This will give you the circumference.  Divide that number by pie (3.14) and you have the diameter.  This rim is 69.5" around.  69.5/3.14 = 22".   As Bloo says, it is the smallest diameter of the tire bead that determines the tire size.    Hugh



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Thank you so much for the info.............You have confirmed my thoughts that they are indeed measuring 20". I had some previous misinformation that was creating doubt .


As an FYI, this is an original car , last driven on the highway in 1954

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Have you tried airing up those old tires?  They should be able to safely hold 15 PSI so that you can move the car around and then use jack stands.   Consider buying a couple of tubes.  That is how I managed mine for 4 years.  Same issue, 1 year only tires.  This photo is of my front tire when I bought the car.  It would hold air for 10 minutes and was only leaking at the valve stem.  Long enough to push the car around when needed.  This left front tire was too far gone to try to put a tube in it, but I did that with a couple of the other old tires.  I just bought some tubes off Ebay.  I actually found a couple discounted new tubes.  The last photo shows what we had to do to use an old tire with a new tube and an old flap.  We used string to hold it together until we could get some air into it.  Once it was mounted on the rim we were able to remove the string.  It worked for years.  





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