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Interior Info for 1914 Locomobile

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Mike, check with  our library tomorrow at 717-534-2082  We should have something that will help.  I have a friend with a 12 Limo that could help and another friend who is a Loco expert.  Sadly, I may not be able to get in touch with them right now as I am going to be dealing with a medical issue this week.  I will try to check in but it is doubtful.  If you can wait a week i will see if my friends will lend a hand.

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Richie (of Imperial Palace fame), had this one in his shop when I was in 'Vegas in 2016. And there is the better-known gray one on Westinghouse suspension. Is yours similar to these ?   -   Carl 




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6 hours ago, mikesbrunn said:

We will be starting to do the interior of a 1914 Locomobile Limo...


Mike, this may be helpful to you:

At the AACA National Spring Meet in 2013, held in

Carlisle, Pa., there was a well restored 1914 Locomobile

limousine on the show field.  (See picture.)  If you want

to send me a Private Message, I can give you the name of

the man who showed the car, and you can probably get

some contact information for him through the AACA office.


I remember the front seat-back being very upright,

and not at all comfortable looking.  That's very different

from what I've seen in non-limousine Locomobiles.


1914 Locomobile--Natl Spring Meet 2013--Bill Alley.JPG

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