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Looking for 15" wheels for my 1963 Buick Wagon


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My 1963 Buick Special station wagon has 13" wheels on it and it is geared too slow for highway speeds. I was looking in my owners manual and there is an option for 15 inch wheels listed. I would like to replace the 13" with 15" inch and want some original wheels so I can use the dog dish hub caps. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Check the size of the bolt circle, and how many lugs.

I suspect, but am not certain, that it would be 5 lugs and a 4-3/4 inch circle.

In that case, wheels for a 1949 - 1957 Chevy should work,

Coker also offers aftermarket rims in varying sizes, primed, painted, powder coated, or chrome, as I recall

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A little research shows the Tempest came with 15"  and Pete had a Buick Special with them that were apparently an option

The size was 4 x 4 1/2   with 7/16 studs.

If you cannot find originals..... Datsun and Toyota (of the same period) used the 4 bolt x 4 1/2 and  depending on the model had 13, 14, or 15.

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       Roadmaster -- Your busy-engine problem seems odd for any American non-performance car built as late as 1963, by which time the low axle ratios of the past were long gone (except in trucks and performance cars).  Near as I can determine, your Special should have a 3.23 axle ratio, which, with 13" wheels (assuming about 25" tire diameter), equates to about 2590 engine revolutions per mile -- not exactly overdrive conditions but well within the comfort zone of a high-revving engine like the V6. 

        Have you been able to determine the actual rpm of the engine while underway?  Sometimes conditions other than rpm will cause an engine to seem busy, such as a noisy exhaust system or even a heavy-duty fan.  Further, RPM-related problems caused by excessive torque converter slippage would only be aggravated by larger wheels/tires, which would add loading and increase heat generation.

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