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Fove 21-mo old 825R15 radial tires for sale

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In a few weeks I'll have 5 radial tires (825R15) for sale. They are 21 months old and the spare has never been on the road.  Why do I want to sell them?  Well, they just don't look right on a 1941 Buick Roadmaster and the AACA deducts two points for each tire (10points).  I'm buying 5 7.00x15 Coker bias tires tomorrow (Black Friday sale).  These radial tires cost me $1600 and I'm willing to sell them for $750 plus shipping.  I hope somebody is interested.

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are these 825R15,


820R15 ?

American Classic with 3-1/4 inch whitewall,


Phoenix with 3 inch whitewall

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Here is a link to the specs. Please look at the recommended rim width. And other factors that may interest you. ( I am speaking to interested potential buyers )




Coker Tire Company's award-winning Bias Look Radial American Classic tire is made in the USA and thoroughly tested to ensure superb quality for your collector vehicle. You can trust that American Classic Wide Whitewall Radial tires are ready for the road, but they're also ready for the show field with beautiful styling and a whitewall that is built in to the tire from day one. The genuine whitewall construction, along with the "pie crust" shoulder and vintage-style tread pattern give this tire the original look, while the steel belted radial internals make it the perfect choice for a car that will see plenty of miles. This is a tubeless tire, but keep in mind that tubes are required on some OEM and reproduction wire wheels.
SKU    700306
Brand    American Classic
Weight (lbs)    30.0000
GTIN    00842199100808
DOT Approved    Yes
Product Size    820R15
Sidewall Style    Wide Whitewall
Width Bias Look Radial    8.20
Radial Aspect Ratio    80
Rim Diameter    15
Tread Width    5.60
Section Width (Actual)    7.62
Overall Diameter    29.91
Load Index    102
Speed Rating    S
Construction Ply    POLY/STEEL
750@30PSI    1920@35PSI
Recommended Rim Width    6.00 - 7.00
Tube Type or Tubeless    Tubeless
Tire Construction    Bias Look Radial

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Your 1953 Chevy 210 tires call for a 4.50 - 5.00 inch rim width - overall diameter 27.25 inches

Coker 8.20R-15 calls for a recommended rim width of 6.0 - 7.0 inches - overall diameter 29.91 inches


My guess is that your original rims are much too narrow for the 8.20R-15 radial, 

and they are approximately 10% taller ,

almost 14% wider,

would result in a 10% speedometer error (speedo shows 55 mph, but you're doing over 60 mph)


By comparison to the above Radial specs:

Coker Classic | 2 3/4 Inch Whitewall | 670-15

 Coker Classic Whitewall Tires | Coker Classic Whitewall
Coker Classic Whitewall bias ply wide tires are made in the USA and have been the choice of classic and hot rod owners for over 30 years. Coker Classic Whitewall tires feature authentic sidewall and tread designs in a premium bias ply tire for collectors. The genuine whitewall is constructed into the tire from the very beginning, for a beautiful and durable tire. DOT and ECE (European Union) approved, and backed by our life of the tread warranty. Please note that dimensions listed tread width, section width and overall diameter are non-scientific and based on an inflated tire, mounted on a wheel. Dimensions may vary due to rim width and inflation pressure. Tread patterns and sidewall styles vary, please click on individual tires below to view photos.
SKU 57700
Brand Coker Classic
Weight (lbs) 23.0000
GTIN 00842199104547
Product Size 670-15
Sidewall Style Wide Whitewall
Width Bias Ply 6.70
Rim Diameter 15
Tread Width 4.50
Section Width (Actual) 6.70
Overall Diameter 27.25
Construction Ply 4 PLY POLY
750@30PSI 1550@32PSI
Recommended Rim Width 4.50 - 5.00
Tube Type or Tubeless Tubeless
Tire Construction Bias Ply
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I too would go for 6.70-15, the stock size. It just looks better IMHO. Especially with the narrower wide whites as shown in the 1953 print ads.


However, if you want the big tires, I think it will work. I ran 235-70-15 (huge) radials on my 53 Bel-Air for a while when I was a teenager. It worked fine, and I'm sure they were way out of spec for the rims. They probably touched at full steering lock, I don't recall. If you have a stickshift like I did, you might welcome the taller gearing. It was 3.73 or so, and just fine on 6.70-15 tires, but the speed limit was 55 MPH then. The stickshift engine still has cast iron pistons and squirt gun oiling like a 216, and too much RPM is always a concern.


If you have a Powerglide, I have no idea whether taller tires would be a good thing or not.

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