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1929 Buick Headlamp Bulbs

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I have been experiencing short life cycles concerning headlamp bulbs in my 1929 Buick. Correct voltage is being maintained during use. Who has experience with the new LED replacement headlamp bulbs such as those sold by Restoration Supply?

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While they're awesome for taillights, signal lights, marker lights, and dash lights, LEDs don't work very well in reflector-style headlights such as your Buick. Light from an LED is extremely directional and even on an LED with emitters all around its perimeter, it doesn't really throw a beam the way a bulb would and the reflector doesn't focus it properly so you get a lot of scatter. There will be illumination, but it won't be where you want it and may even dazzle oncoming drivers. Yes, an LED uses less power but if you drive frequently at night, you might be disappointed with the light pattern and quality of illumination. It also looks weird on an old car--the bright blue/white light never seems right.


There's a reason why LEDs retrofitted to old-style headlight buckets look bizarre, and that's because custom reflectors and lenses are the only way to get them to illuminate the road properly.



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I have found there are a few LED head light bulbs around and it's important to get ones that focus properly. Classic and vintage Bulbs down in Australia manufacture a headlight LED, 6v high and low beam that works very well. As I
understand the arrangement of the LEDs should be close as possible to the positioning of an original type bulb filament, like a 1000, to work well and give a good Dipped and High beam in a original reflector. 



Bill McLaughlin

1929 McLaughlin Buick


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