Barney Eaton

Chrysler 300 with extended wheelbase

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In 2006 there was a Walter P Chrysler edition of the 300 with a 6 inch extended wheelbase.

I did a search of this forum but it found nothing.

How may years was it offered and are there any records of how many were made?

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Thanks for the information but I see nothing in that release that addresses the 6 inch stretch version.

These cars seem to be on the Chrysler "secret" order menu .... at some point they dropped the extended wb version but there was still the Walter P Chrysler

option which was upgraded items.    Similar situation with Ford Crown Victoria......they made an extended wb version mainly for livery and NYC Taxi service which dictated

a certain amount of rear foot room.   It was never in standard Crown Vic literature,  but it could be ordered with deluxe interior, carpet,  etc.

I was hoping that some people on this site could add to what I have already found.  

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55370001AA  NAMEPLATE, [W P Chrysler
Signature Series], [MYC]


above for the fender  2006-2007


05152415AA 2 D, E 49
2 C, D, E, F 48


above for 2008


might be other years too

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