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Dealer Sales contracts


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Oldtinpusher mailed me a bunch of sales contracts from a N.Y. dealer from 1922 to 1926. They will be scanned soon and posted on the DBC website. Many of the cars were Cantrell or other woodie type station wagons. Most cars were deluxe models. There are also a fair amount of screenside business cars. Where did all the woodies and screensides go? Again, if anyone has amounts of literature from DB it would be greatly appreciated to be part of the DBclub collection at AACA library. Even good copies would answer questions if you do not want to get rid of the originals. THANK YOU OLDTINPUSHER. 

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I'd have to say that at least 2 big factors affected survival rate:

1) cars that weren't thoroughly closed to the weather must have been more impacted by exposure to rain and snow.  More of that nasty stuff got inside and negatively affected longevity.
2) any commercial vehicle would have been worked to death over a series of owners leaving little worth restoring (or so people thought back when it mattered)

Factor #2 was probably amplified by the Great Depression

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