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1976 Espada. Door disassembly help.


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Hi all, I am in the process of restoring a 1976 Lamborghini Espada. I have had a hard time finding a model-specific online forum around these cars that is even remotely populated, so, while unlikely, I am going to give this a shot here! Thanks for entertaining me on this one....


I have what I believe to be a bad window regulator in one door. I am attempting to disassemble the door interior; I've got the trim off, and the door card has a bit of play to it at the edges. This car has an armrest, and a door lever, at the center of the door. I have the only screws that are accessible removed. The armrest is not coming off easily. My best guess is that the armrest may be glued to the door card, which is trimmed in very nice leather. I've never seen mechanical + glue construction before on a door interior. Because the card is in such good condition, I am progressing gingerly(not forcing it, I've ripped door card vinyl before!). I am having a hard time finding anyone who's ever disassembled one of these doors. So, in your best guess, do you think it's possible they would have glued the armrest to the door card? Is there a non-invasive technique to progress here? Thanks for the tips!

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This might be helpful:



From the looks of this armrest, I would guess that the armrest was attached to the door trim panel (card) before the panel assembly was installed to the vehicle.




The trimmer has a facebook page.

You might find more here: 


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