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George Smolinski

1937 AC 16/80 (might be a 16/60) Coupe de Ville

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Not mine. Here's the link:

Short version:

Just what the title says. The “AC” in the name is for the AC Car Company, which also built bodies and chassis for the AC Cobra. Dark blue paint and fabric top. Cream-colored wire wheels. Beautiful wood dash. Ran when parked. Spare parts and other AC parts included. Located in Fountain Hills.

Long version:

Chassis number L612W, listed in the factory ledger as a “Special Coupe de Ville”. The cloth top over the front seats folds back; the top over rear seats is the same material, but fixed.

Restored to original, without exception. Not “restored” as in “repainted and reupholstered”, but a full nut and bolt restoration right down to the stencils on the shock absorber covers. It presents as new, except the leather seats, which are original and worn but undamaged and fully functional. The tires are original-appearing but are well past their expiration date. Probably well past their expiration century.

Dark blue paint. Dark blue leather upholstery. Dark blue fabric top. Unblemished wood dash. Cosmetically restored instruments. Light yellow/cream wire wheels, including the fender-mounted spare.

At the car show associated with the 1995 Copperstate 1000, this car received the Phil Hill Award for originality. Phil Hill personally selected the car and delivered the award.

My dad purchased this car in 1987. We have no documentation of ownership prior to 1964, but my dad’s research indicates a total of 4 owners since new. The prior owner purchased the car in 1964 from a seller in England. He picked up the car at the (Houston?) docks and drove it home to Oklahoma…almost. It broke down along the way to Oklahoma. The car was completely disassembled for restoration sometime prior to 1976 and was still disassembled when purchased by my dad. The prior owner kept extensive notes and samples that are included.

The car has been driven very few miles since the restoration; we didn’t keep a record, but well under 2000 miles. The engine has not been started since about 2002. The fuel system was never drained and the car has been sitting for more than 15 years. You are welcome to turn the engine over and remove the valve cover for inspection. We are selling without warranty, other than you will receive exactly what you see.

Included is extensive documentation of ownership history since 1964, notes from disassembly prior to 1976, receipts for restoration and reassembly, and notes regarding reassembly. Also copies of the “AC Action” magazine in which my dad’s somewhat unconventional restoration of the original engine is described (he cast a replacement cylinder section for the original block).

Also includes many parts left over from restoration of this car plus parts from an AC Aceca, AC Ace, and others. Two chrome Cobra grille surrounds are included. A cylinder head, cam, crankshaft, and other parts from a Ford 2.6L I6 engine are included. Many carb parts. A few Bristol engine parts and a few AC 2L SOHC I6 parts. (The parts may be available separately, but only as a single lot.)

Price: $60,000. The car is located in Fountain Hills, AZ. You must arrange shipping, if required, starting from the garage where it’s located.

Available for inspection during the week of November 11. If that window is not convenient for you, I’ll arrange a time that is. I live in Kansas (state motto: “Kansas…It’s not that bad!”), so there might be delay for my travel arrangements if the week of November 11 doesn’t work for you.

If this ad is up, the car is still available.

P.S. I do not need help selling this car. If you call me with an idea to the contrary, I will viciously attack your lack of integrity, poor job seeking skills, sketchy work history, inability to pass a drug test, and whether you should be allowed to have children.



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