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If this is a Preventive Maintenance service, just buy a gasket/filter kit and a gallon of ATF+ (Type 7176), drop the transaxle pan, replace the filter, clean the pan and reinstall the pan. Add most of the ATF, start the engine and shift it through the gears ending in Neutral. Be sure the parking brake is on! Check the trans oil level when warmed up and add fluid as needed.


Thanks for visiting. The latest ATF+4 would be what you want to use.

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I would add that there *IS* (was?) a reusable gasket for the A604 AND the A413 from the dealer that makes this job really easy. They were something like $35, BUT, you don't have to mess with RTV and they seal with no leaks provided the pan rail is flat and the screws are actually torqued.


That's part of my "trick" for this job is to make sure the pan rail is absolutely flat, then use a torque wrench to evenly tighten the screws. If I do use RTV, I use either "The Right Stuff" or MOPAR ATF sealant. Both are excellent and work very well (provided the instructions are followed).

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21 hours ago, Matthew Cody said:

If the pan was sealed with RTV sealant, make sure you get all the old RTV sealant off of the bolts and inside the bolt holes. They will cause the bolt hole threads to strip in the transmission if you don't. 

Thanks Matthew, good to know!

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