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5-Spd Progress

Greg Ross

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Friday commenced with demolition, Sub-frame/ Engine-Tranny was on the floor by noon.

Set the new 3800 and Standard Tranny on the new (to me) Sub-frame, centered and leveled and determined what alterations were necessary for the mounts.

Dismantled the Console and removed the Auto-shifter and dry fitted the Manual Shifter. The Shifter actuator Cables follow the path of the old Auto shifter Cable out through the Firewall without modification.

Saturday was spent cutting and welding. The Sub-frame I'm using came from Henry-J-Finn (out of an '89) and required removal of the Transmission mount on the Driver's side. The Front/ right Liquid Mount, a la '88 is used. The right rear strut mount is reused with a new connector plate to support the Extension Shaft of the Getrag Transmission. A stock Getrag Transmission Mount had to be heavily modified to carry the left/ Driver's side of the power pack. It lands on the Sub-frame but was too tall so had to be chopped and have a new set of steel feet welded on. That in turn was welded to the Sub-frame.

Only grief encountered (so-far) is one Sub-frame securing Bolt that didn't come out. The Isolator bushing disintigrated around the bolt (right front) and the Speed Nut up in the body spun with the Bolt. That will be a project for this morning. Should be able to get to it with Vice Grips through an opening up in the fender Well where one of the Horns is mounted.

If all goes well the new assembly will be back in the car today, and then the rewiring of the engine.

Major discovery is why commentary about handling characteristics of the '88 vs an '89 or '90 came up here recently. The front Sway Bar on my '88 is massive as compared to what came with the '89 Sub-frame. Haven't taken a measurement but we're talking serious difference in diameter and geometry, the End Links are about a third of the length of the '89 Links. Had done some questioning a while back about the rear sway bar and have been told the PN is the same for all "E" Bodies/ all years (includes Rivs') Had wanted to determine if a stiffer rear Sway Bar was available as my '88 has always felt looser in the rear (if that's the correct term) wink.gif

Onwards and Upwards,

and will have some Pics to Post! grin.gif

Today should have the Engine reinstalled. smile.gif

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Somewhere I missed the information on the transmission. What vehicles/engines was it used on?

Checking the parts book, there are but two part numbers listed for '88-'89 front sway bars (stabilizers) 22528083 is shown for all Reattas and Rivieras with HD (F41) suspension bar diameter is listed at 31mm (1.22 in)

22528086 is listed as the standard Riviera bar. 29mm (1.14 in)

'90-'94 bars use a different end design and the sizes are not listed.

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I live about 15 miles from the Addco sway bar company. I had a bar custom made for my 85 Park Avenue several years ago. It is a massive bar. With no air in one of the rear tires the wheel only drops about an inch. The car corners flat. The same could probably be done for the Reatta. Price varies depending on qualities that you want. i.e. size, anodized, polyurethane bushings etc.

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Sunday was a so-so Day, morning Pics;




Spent the day on little projects;

Mounting the Pedals (a Struggle)

Fabricating and mounting the Clutch Master Cylinder Mount,

Overcoming intereference between the exhaust side connecting flanges and the bracket holding the shifter cables on to of the transmission,

Drilling out Ball Joint Rivets (another Struggle!!!) mad.gif


This Tranny was offered in the '91-93 Grand Prix, Cutlass and Lumina mated to the 3.4.

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