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Happy Thanksgiving


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As in years past, I want to wish all Reatha forum members a very happy Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving started out a little odd. Part of my city had to be evacuated due to a chemical plant explosion. I’m currently spending the evening in a vacant house that a friend of mine owns. Hopefully I will be able to return back to my domicile tomorrow. (Fingers Crossed) Thankfully, they were no fatalities in the incident. However two complete towns around the explosion have been evacuated and part of my town. Anyway, So much for my drama. I’m here to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family. Have a great holiday season! Don’t eat too much. Oh heck, eat all you want Thanksgiving comes but once a year!!

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1 hour ago, Retired w/Reatta said:

I'd like to see more of the car though.😁

Is this the one you're getting out of hock by selling  the Reatta?

I am getting my 1970 Pace Car back after 3 years in restoration. I have 5 classic cars and a 4 car garage. It was a very difficult decision for me to sell the car. I find myself never driving it due the low odometer number so I am hoping a collector will pick it up and preserve it as myself and three others have. I still have not listed in on Hemmings, I am avoiding this act. Just a word on Joe. He is a personal friend of mine and I just look at him as a good friend. He was in the Army, did drug intervention in Turkey for 6 years, has been in law enforcement from Deputy to Sheriff. I just have so much respect for him. He is actually a kind and generous man. I do agree with you however, I would not like this forum to get into politics!!!!!

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