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Just a sample of things to come. I've found decades of GB and DB buses so I'll try and submit those to the DBC as I get time along with any Fargo/Chrysler stuff I find. 

Sorry for the clarity. For some reason when I copy them to this forum it loses a lot. These artists renditions are actually more spectacular than what they seem. Once I figure it out I'm sure you will all be just as floored as I was when I came across them. 

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If you are talking in email you can just send the hyperlink to them and it will direct them straight to this thread so they can read it. Just hover over the address above and right click, then copy and go to your email and paste it. Or you can hover over the photo below and right click, then copy link, then paste to your email.




Other than that you can copy and paste each one individually and send it in several images via email or snail mail. Not sure how clear it will turn out though...



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