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An old friend

Barney Eaton

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I was in Dallas yesterday to see our new (and only) great-grandbaby boy.  

Kingsley Baker lives very close to my granddaughter so I took a side trip to see Kingsley.  We had a good talk and I am responsible for the lousy selfie of the two of us.

Kingsley was responsible for the prototype Reatta convertible finding a home at the San Diego Automobile Museum and worked with them to get the car in showable condition.

He was also the 2013 Peterson Award winner for that work.   The remarkable part of the story is that Kingsley cannot drive for health reasons and has not owned a Reatta for several years.

I want to thank him again for his work in saving that car.......although it is no longer at the San Diego Museum,  without his help the car might have been recycled into an appliance.  



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