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HPOF "Original" award


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I received the HPOF award at this years Eastern Fall National. The next time I re-enter at a future National Meet, I understand I could be reevaluated for my 1st Original or repeat HPOF award. My question is what is required to be awarded an Original? I've reviewed the Judging Guidelines but could fine nothing specific regarding the requirements to earn the Original award. Also, the HPOF Certification Form does not reference anything dealing with the Original designation.

1948 Dodge Macungie 2019.jpg

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Look at the Compliance block (For Judges Only) on both the HPOF, 3-10, and the HPOF ORIGINAL, 3-11, certification forms in the Guidelines and you will see the points range is smaller for HPOF ORIGINAL. In other words, ORIGINAL  must be "more original" (fewer compliance points subtracted). Note that the items on both sheets are the same.

I have an HPOF ORIGINAL car, but have never judged in HPOF. Hopefully,  one of those judges will tell you more about their judging process. 

The best advice I have been given is "Clean it, but don't change/restore anything."


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Congratulations on your HPOF award at Hershey.  I saw your car there.  Phillip has given some very good information.  For cars 1932-1959 up to seven deductions are permitted (out of 30 points) to receive the initial HPOF award.  The score must be 23 or higher out of 30 points.  The first time shown,  all cars are seeking the initial HPOF award.  No car goes directly to HPOF Original, it must receive the initial HPOF award.  The second time the car is shown, it is seeking the HPOF Original award.  Again, starting with 30 points, your car would have to score between 27 and 30 points to receive the HPOF Original Award.  If your car scores between 23-26 points, it would receive the HPOF Repeat award.  Point levels for the awards are different for 1960 and up and cars 1931 and older.


You can't make an original car more original, but you can correct non-original style permitted replacement parts (those replaced do to maintenance) and regain points that you may have lost.  Someone else has noted that your car has radial tires on it.  That could be a one or two point deduction (radial tires and white wall width and most likely rubber not metal valve stem caps) and you can only have up to three deductions to receive the Original award.  Look at your engine compartment, are all hoses, belts and clamps period correct?  Many HPOF cars loose points in this area.  If the car has been repainted, the judges can deduct for each major panel repainted.  Is it apparent that the bumpers have been rechromed?  That is another deduction.  


Look your car over critically and carefully and I think you will see what needs to be done to receive the HPOF Original award.




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Guest Mark McAlpine

Hello FMF.  I also recommend you read the series of five articles on HPOF written by Fred Trusty, the HPOF Chairman (and also one of our National Directors).  They're in the last five issues of the Rummage Box (which is posted under Publications on the AACA website).

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Don't forget human beings evaluate your car and usually a different set of judges each time.  So there is room for error or differences of opinion.


There also have been cases where someone earned a Original but then later did some things to the car that brought it back to HPOF status.  Not saying that is the case here but write the VP of Judging to find out, include SASE.  Potentially the chairman of HPOF who is on the forum regularly will see this and contact you directly.  


In any case I am sure you have a great car!

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