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Restoration of Victory Six sports roadster.


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Started on my dicky seat or rumble seat depending on which country you live. I’ve decided to fabricate the sides and ends from 2mm so I can attach the inside panel And fully weld it so it will look original. 
The frame work is quite fiddley but achievable I think. We’ll see how many spares I end up with. Fitting the skin with a full return edge all the way round will be a good test. 



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It wasn’t to bad in the shed today but it has been a little fresh. I use extra fast hardner in winter so it is touch dry in about 30 minutes. I still like to let it sit for a couple of weeks though. 
The colour I’m going with is cream body  and burgundy guards. 
The cream is a bit dirtier looking Than this cream. 
this is a mock up I did to see how it would look. 



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1 hour ago, dc-8dave said:

Hello Matt,

                    It truly sadness my heart that you have put so much effort into a Budd bodied Victory Six Sport Roadster and then the thought of painting it such non-original colors. I wish that you would put your pride of Australian automobile history before your own personal desire. When will this disregard for automobile history end? Please Please...reconsider!!!


                                                                      Your Dodge Brother,


Hi Dave

i respect your comments and thoughts. They did come in cream and burgundy mine is probably just quite a bit darker burgundy I guess. None of the original colours really grab me much. I can say though with the effort and hundreds of hours I will put in to this car bringing it from a Ute back to its original condition,

( to the best of my ability that is ) I will have great pride in this old girl. I’m not hot rodding  it or anything like that. 
colour and paint is a very personal choice and it’s very important to me that I like the colour of the car that I have spent hundreds of hours restoring. 
At the end of the day I’m doing a complete ground up every nut and bolt restoration that hopefully will last another 90 years and the next care taker can give it a colour change if they like. 
I do respect your thoughts though Dave but I know you can never please everyone. 

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I think color choice is one of the most difficult decisions in restoring a car.  I tend to go with the original colors as a personal choice, but there are certain factory paint schemes I find appalling.  I consider myself lucky that my 32 Dodge Brothers DL was painted black with cream wire wheels.  It even has the color written in chalk on the inside of the body.  My wife desperately wanted me to paint the body maroon with black fenders.  Maroon was an available color, but I pointed out to her that in 32 the bodies were a solid color and none of the raised body panels were painted black as in other years.  To me this presents a rather dull, flat, almost unfinished look, especially on a sedan.  I stuck with the original black.  Although I’m not a fan of your white and maroon choice, I’m not the guy spending hundreds of hours putting the car back together, so my opinion doesn’t count - nor should it.

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This victory six sports roadster is painted in a very similar colour to what I’ve chosen. The maroon I’ve chosen looks almost black Unless it’s in the sun.  The cream is close to an original colour so if someone wants to change it in the future it would only be the guards and trim. The original colour of my car was the same as Bill Guess’s old car. 
It also could be a sports tourer this one because I’ve never seen side on shots of this victory six. 


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I go with your choice Matt ,they look close to period colours and should present the victory well!  You have spent a heap of hours and money on the restoration so it is your choice. Job well done!

Plus as you stated the next care taker can easily change it if they like!  Which I sure will be a long time away!

Keep the good work up! 


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The dicky seat is coming along well I got the inside done today and will attempt the outer skin tomorrow I think. Took the top of my thumb At the base of my nail last Thursday doing the frame but they sowed it back together on Saturday night for me. It was still semi attached on one side buy enough to keep blood to it. 
Had to pass a COVID test before they would operate on it. 1mm blade on the grinder made short work of it. I’ll be on a bit of a go slow for a few weeks I think. 
no one can say I haven’t put blood sweat and tears in to this old girl 😂



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Managed to roll the outer skin today and get it fitted onto the inner frame. I lost a tiny bit of camber in centre once I had peened the seem all the way around. I’m pretty happy with it, it’s not perfect but overall once I adjust it all up it will fit ok. The gaps around the outside are all pretty even, I seriously don’t know how that happened but I’ll take it.haha.  Made a lock from the parts on an old Drop tee handle it works perfectly. I just need to cut some holes in the inner panel to get to the hinge bolts so I can fine tune the adjustment. 
she really looks like a roadster now. 😁







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1 hour ago, gundog99 said:

Have you thought about making a  copy of the original Victory Six exhaust box ? I had one made a few years age for my 2249 Senior, but decided to delay fitting it until the current box failed.

I definitely would give it a go but I don’t know what it looks like. Have you got an image or diagram of how it looks. 

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5 minutes ago, Ron Lawson said:

Matt I presume that Gundog means the muffler I fitted on from a 1963  J3 Bedford truck to my Senior. Correct length ,Diameter , 2 inch Inlet 1!/2 out let  The Bedford ran a 214 ci engine  so about the same capacity 


Yeh I thought that , I’ll have to chase one up when I’m at that stage. Can you get them in stainless steel. 

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I got my actual colour of the paint shop during the week so I just wanted to see how my colours looked on the car so I did a little test panel. 
The cream is not as yellow looking in real life but I think they are nice classic colours together. I  know the whole top of the victory roadster is supposed to be the dark colour, but I feel it hides the beautiful lines and shape of the budd body. 
what do you guys think your input is important to me good or bad. Haha. 
I’m still miles of painting but just wanted a good picture in my head. 





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Thanks fellas, yer the more I see it the more I like it. If we’re in lockdown for to much longer Terry I’ll need another car to keep me busy. 
I finished the last bit of Rusty panel work today on the body and pulled the front Guards down off the shelf this afternoon. They need a fair bit of work done to the bottoms  of them they are completely rusted away halfway up the wheel well.



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If there’s anything good about COVID lockdown you get a lot done on your car restoration. lol

I made a start on my front guards today and progressed well with one now need to do the other. 
Ive taken step by step photos so anyone else that needs to make one can see the steps. Hopefully it will help somebody one day. I did cheat a little and bought a new wheel well from a Ford model A. Forgive me please 😁🤣
















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8 hours ago, RichBad said:

Impressive mate, that came together quick and looks very nice!  Bet your relived:)


The colours look fantastic mate.


love the gloves;)

Yer I was a bit worried about getting it right with all the correct looking beading and creases but I was able to get it with what I had. I will admit I’ve been leaving them last for that reason. 

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10 minutes ago, nearchoclatetown said:

Matt, you may have said before but what color will the fenders be? Black? Or are they wings? Or guards?

They will be done in the Maroon/ Burgundy colour along with the chassis above the running boards. 
We call them Guards or fenders. This is the car I found searching for colour combination that I really liked. 



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4 hours ago, Ted Levitt said:

Hello Matt,  Haven't spoken in a while but love your amazing craftsmanship.  You are an inspiration to all of us that want to restore their cars.  Thanks for sharing.. 

Thanks Teddy , she has definitely thrown some challenges at me this old girl but I have enjoyed every one of them. Getting the rumble seat , bonnet tops and fenders rebuilt was my biggest concern with the whole job but they have come up ok in the end so I’m pretty happy with it all. Once I get my L/ hand fender finished I can remove the body and get my chassis painted. 
Help from people like yourself sharing information and photos helps make these restorations come together so much easier. Can’t thank you enough for all your help. 

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