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Trim Clip

Alan Cutler

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Hi Folks,


Another poster from the truck side and I, have had trouble locating a trim clip, this clip attaches the chrome trim around the radiator shell...pictures are below. I have used door panel clip in the past and modified them, Unfortunately when using modified clips/bolts, they tend to show when looking close at the shell. Additionally, when trying to restore back to assembly line condition, as close to original matters...


 I have reached out to several of the restoration supply houses, with no luck over the years....can anyone direct us to a supply house or person that may have a lead on them?


Thanks in advance.

Clip 8.jpg

Clip 7.jpg

Clip 6.jpg

Clip 5.jpg

Clip 4.jpg



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Did you try Restoration Specialties in PA? They might have something. Are you sure that they are original type clips, as the one pictured looks like a type that came out in the late '40's and used through the '60's. You may have to send Jeff at RS a sample.

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Jeff is a great guy, he even sent me samples to see if I can get them to work...I'd have to do some major mods to get them to work.


I have to assume they are OG, these are the only ones I have ever seen as actual clips, every other time I see restored units and non-restored, its either a nut and bolt, zip ties, door molding clips (w/mods), etc...


Thanks Jim.


(Just a FYI, he thought X410 would fit, http://stores.restorationspecialties.com/x410-win-package-of-10/ , and it was the closest)

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