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32 Ply Outside Door Handles

32Plymouth Man

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1 minute ago, 32Plymouth Man said:

I wasn't aware of that. I'll take that side with a lock and the driver's side without if these parts are available.

The driver's side inside door handle lifts up to lock, then exit through the passenger side door and lock with the key.

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5 minutes ago, 32Plymouth Man said:

I think a 32. 33, 34 are the same, do you know if other Chrysler models will fit like DeSoto or Dodge?

Ask "thehandleman" here on this forum. He may have the handles that you are looking for.


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Hi Don,

      The Three Pictured are 1933 if the escutcheon holes are 1 3/4" ctr to ctr  The 1932 uses 1 1/2" CTR TO CTR ,  all three year Plymouth's handle style is the same except for the locker on 1934 uses the bent key lock cylinders some 33 models may use bent key not sure but escutcheon will tell year most likely and shafts may be notched and short and long, depending on Sedan 2 door or 4 door and door locations and models.


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