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32 Buick 57S oil pump valve and spring

Jim J

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The 32 Buick is on the hoist and while I was installing the oil relief valve and spring in the oil pump under the engine a very small just over 1/8" stack of washers stuck together fell to the floor.  They came with the valve and spring am I correct to  assume they were above the spring inside the relief valve as a spacer for tension on the spring?  I really would appreciate your comments on this.

thanks much, Jim Jordan

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Hi Jim,

I added a just shy of 1/8th in washer to boost my oil pressure about 3psi. It was common practice back in the day, and especially if one were selling the car.! I thought Id try it as my 32 series 90 was running around 27 psi, now its 30 !! Mine fit behind the spring..

Hope that helps.


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Hello Steve,

Thanks for the post, I am sure I have it assembled correct from your response fitting behind the spring.  I was running good oil pressure 30/35,  just had the strainer off for cleaning.

I appreciate hearing your comments, big help thanks.




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