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FS 1923-1924 model 34 steering column

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1923 model 34, 36 & 1924 model 34 steering column from a McLaughlin Buick.

Models determined by measuring Column jacket length, which is partially obscured by lower end clamp and upper end steering hub counterbore. photo below from parts book lists column jacket lengths, and I believe 35 7/8" to be matching length.  There is a trace of nickel plating on the jacket.

Throttle, spark levers and quadrant castings are broken off, inner control tubes turn freely, steering wheel hub and gearbox turns freely, no other obvious damage.  Aluminum steering wheel hub casting has minor dings.

McLaughlin offered their 4 cylinder models with wood spoked steering wheel which was only available to US buyers in the upper end Master models, last photo shows and example of a McLaughlin with this steering wheel.

Location: near Portland, OR

price: $80








column 1.jpg


parts book 6.518.jpg

1924 McLaughlin Buick.jpg.jpg

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