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1957 corvette restoration guidlines

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I am starting a restoration upgrade on a mid March build 1957 270 HP corvette E57S102655.  It is a #2 driver I have owner for about 10 years, upgrading to numbers matching NCRS standards?  I have nearly all original components. Chrome is excellent and has numerous upgrades but not precisely done. Can you please recommend sources, texts, DVD, to help me do it correctly the first time.  The 3 speed Saginaw is done, and the engine is ready for detailing, paint, fastners, clips, etc. Most items are present and in good condition, but are they correct? I read in one article on original engines no gasket was used between the head, 997, and exhaust manifolds.  This seems a little extreme to me? Does NCRS have any good detailed manuals for detailing the engine and subsequent areas?  Please advise. John

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Chevy V8s in that era did not use gaskets between the head and exhaust manifold. Aftermarket gaskets were available but not usually necessary. When assembling they put grease on the mating surfaces. Heat from running sealed it up good. I can't swear your particular car was made that way though.

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