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'38 Buick Christmas Ornament offer by the BDE


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We just received ours in yesterday's mail and it is truly gorgeous! Anyone with Buicks in their heart would be proud to display this gem on their yuletide tree. It will be a tradition to order ours as long as the BDE continues to make them available. Many thanks!

Bob & Judy Leets

Flint, MI smile.gif

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Guest Teamsterdug

Just got mine also. Really neat item. You can't tell by the picture that Roberta posted but along the bottom of the ornament it says "Buick" and then below that "1938 Limited". This should look really neat on the tree this year. smile.gif

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These things are really hard to get a good picture of, as they are so shiny. Paula and I had a terrible time with the '53 Skylark ornament last year too. I took about 4 or 5 pictures before I got one that didn't reflect a big bright blur. So as said they are really something, and the picture doesn't do it justice!!!

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