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1995 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency Elite Series II Sedan

Will Kelly

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I’m currently on the hunt for some very specific Oldsmobile parts, as I am restoring the one that belonged to my great-grandparents. I am looking for the following parts to help finish the vehicle:

• hood insulation (preferably pre-formed), 

• “Regency Elite” badges for the side of the vehicle.


I will be looking for more parts in the future, but if anyone can help me find these at ALL, it would be much appreciated! I have already tried to look on Rock Auto, but because my Oldsmobile wasn’t too popular back in the day, finding parts is pretty scarce. 

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It is highly unlikely that anyone will reproduce that original hood insulation in the next decade or two (maybe never?) That leaves you two sources:

       First, you can check around to see if you can find used car of the same model, either on the street or in a salvage yard, and buy that formed hood insulation from it.

        The other option is a roll of the bulk thin-walled insulation material, which is used in the HVAC industry (heating & air conditioning). This thin insulation is used to insulate metal duct work and furnace plenums, etc. And, the reproduction industry buys this same stuff by the rolls, and then runs it through a roll-die machine which cuts into the right shapes for cars that are commonly restored, like Camaros, Chevelles, GTO's, etc, etc. You can buy it by the roll at a wholesale HVAC supply stores, and cut it to shape using a used original as a your pattern. Take a piece of the original stuff with you to compare.


As for forming it, you could cut some sheets of plywood into the positive and negative shapes you need, and sandwich the stuff between them for a month or so, placing heavy weights on top of the upper layer. This insulation was originally held in place in just a few locations, by various plastic pins with washers. If you want to help it conform to the formed shapes, you may be able to put some construction adhesive under the recessed areas (which don't normally have those pins at all), and then close the hood part way onto some pillows or other soft bulky stuff which will press the insulation up into place until the adhesive dries. This insulation has two sides, a softer, looser side, and a more dense side which is firmer, and often blacker in color. Be sure to put the dense, firmer side toward the metal of your hood. 


As for those badges, I would guess that eBay would be your best bet. Yet, have you tried "Fusick's?" You can find them online. 

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