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'37 Special Exhaust Hangers

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1937 Buick Special 40

Hello, I need help replacing all the exhaust hangers on Betty. I don't know what the correct ones look like and where they go. Now, there is one cobbled together hanger at the back of the muffler and some wire holding up the far end of the tailpipe. Can anybody help? I'd really like some pictures of type and placement on the car, but anything including part numbers would help. 

Thanks, James C

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Hi James

My '37 had a few "rubberized, fabric" insulators that supported the clamps.  



The rear hanger (turned on its side in this photo) is a heavy rubberized, fabric with the metal support riveted on.  The tail pipe clamp hung over the "hook" and gave it a little flexibility.  If you look at the factory service manual, my rear hanger is not what they show in the book, but it works well.




The '37 manual.  It shows the insulator type mountings used in four places, one rigid mounting up front right to the block.  (I did not have that support, so I did not use that one.  Mine is clamped to the exhaust manifold up front, and then has the four supports throughout the length.


Hope it helps!'


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Thanks Gary! I'm missing everything except the horizontal hanger over the axle. I dont even have that plate that juts out over the rear of the muffler. But, funny enough, I do have the exact same generic hanger at the back of the frame. I'd really like to have the one at the front near the exhaust manifold because I'm scared of damaging the manifold. Where on the block does that attach? Maybe I could get lucky and find a modern clamp for the front of the muffler that looks right.


James C.

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