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LAST THREE: Large, Colorful 1960's DEEP ROCK Gas Station Posters. Never Used.

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Well, gang, its been fun selling that large group of NOS DEEP ROCK service station posters I found. I'm now down to just three total posters left. They are all original, of course. And, as mentioned, are new-old-stock. They are factory-folded,. Each poster measures 28” by 44”. The colors are bright, and each of these posters displays well.


The one poster references “1960”. So, I’m assuming that’s the vintage of all of them. ALSO: The black things shown in the photos are magnets, not tape. Absolutely no DEEP ROCK station posters were harmed in the posting of this topic!


Shipping is additional. All posters will be shipped factory-folded (just as they made for the DEEP ROCK stations), and in protective packaging.


Poster A. JUST ONE LEFT. Promotes Free $1,000,000 warranty on DEEP ROCK motor oil. Colorful DEEP Rock can shown. $75


Poster C. JUST TWO LEFT. Promotes DEEP ROCK Courtesy Plate (a non-threatening way of saying “credit card”, I guess). NOTE: Both of these two posters have some minor dirt marks from storage in the outer perimeter of the sheet. No issues in the main image area of the poster. I will email photos of these areas on request. REDUCED PRICE ON EACH. $55


Shipping will be very reasonable. Thanks for taking the time to look at these nifty DEEP ROCK posters. John



032 (607x800).jpg

042 (591x800).jpg

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