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Fuel Regulator Recommendation


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A know it’s a Chevrolet but a friend of mine just picked this beauty up and is trying to sort out a few issues!  He said it’s a 1929 Chevrolet International.


First drive, someone has removed the inner SW Vacuum Pump tank and mechanism so the car is now using a electric fuel pump, get the fuel regulator isn’t dialed down low enough to keep the carb from flooding at slow speed.


He will be looking for a SW Vacuum Fuel system canister but in the meantime, what fuel regulator would you fine folks recommend?


It also has the original fuel tank in it however someone mounted another fuel tank in the trunk that’s now being used, has aftermarket high backed buckets in it which obviously aren’t correct,  top material isn’t right and so on!!


He is just looking to get it running correctly and drive it!   I of course want to buy it from him so I can treat it like it deserves to be treated!!!!   Not that he won’t but I’m greasy and want all the toys!!







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I use a high quality Holley fuel pressure regulator part number 12-804 (1-4 psi), about $60-65, available from performance shops or online.  NEVER use the cheap $20 blister-pack regulators at Walmart

, even under the Purolator name; they WILL fail and leak/spurt gas everywhere.  I suggest you dial the Holley down to 1 psi for openers.
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OK sounds good, I have passed the message along to him and encourage him to join this Forum!


I’m going to look at the car tonight and give him A few pointers and make myself sound like I know what I’m talking about… A little bit anyway but again I owe all that to you fine folks here! 



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