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Saw this Model TT Ford the other day....


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Funny thing about Oregon becoming a wine destination.

Its a huge business in my area.

I read somewhere that Yamhill county used to supply a major percentage of the worlds Hazelnuts (Filberts).

But now most of those orchards are in grapes and there are literally hundreds of wineries around here.

It has made this a wine snob destination.

We see many limos and busses doing wine tours here. There are signs all over the place advertising directions to the tasting rooms.


We do still have a lot of nuts though.

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Unfortunately even intact , running TT's are very low in value.  So slow with that worm drive.  20 MPH does have its limits / drawbacks.  One would be fine if you lived in a very small town, with lots of rural ,surrounding landscape but anywhere with a normal amount of modern traffic conditions would be a challenge.

A fun project , but very few people are willing to get involved in a project with such a limited driving envelope.


Greg in Canada

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