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Interesting 1940 Buick, One-Off or Custom?


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Forum member Mike6024 posted a few home movie links in the "Video" section.

The third video down, titled "Early 40's San Fran and LA Color Home Movies" shows a very interesting '40 Buick at 1:41, which looks like it might be in a dealer show room rotating on a turntable, for about 13 seconds.

The car is two-tone pink and the front license plate reads "Hawaiian Orchid" which certainly sounds correct for the paint scheme, although I cannot find any reference to this color offered in any Buick charts.

I'm not sure if the car is a Roadmaster or not. I'm sure someone better versed can identify the model. But I see it also has a chrome stone guard on the leading edge of the rear fender as well as skirts and a nice grill guard. Pretty fancy stuff.

So, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this car.

A one-off, special order for a particular customer?

A planned, then abandoned color scheme early in the model year?

Simply a custom someone decided to make on their own?

Or promotional special of some type?

Or something else completely?

I have to say, I'm not usually much on pink cars, but I think this Buick really looks terrific!

Sorry for the poor quality "capture" images of the car, if you watch Mike's vid, it's much clearer.

As usual, I appreciate any and all input.





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Could it be a special show model? At new model introduction time car makers used to turn out special cars for display, loaded with accessories, whitewall tires, special flashy paint and upholstery. Attention getters for display at new car shows. Later they would be sent round to dealer's showrooms, one week at each dealer. Eventually they would be sold off. Sometimes they would catch the customer's eye, other times they would be repainted a stock color and toned down.

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Interesting home movie, very clear with good details of life then.  The '40 Buick is a Roadmaster, easy to distinguish by the additional length In the space behind where the fender tapers in.  Its two-toned as was optional on those cars, looks like a medium magenta with lighter carnation top and hood plateau.  

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Having watched the video, I  would say the color is slightly off on the film, though the Buick is "pinks" nevertheless - Given the geography this car could have slipped into a Custom shop such as Bohman & Schwartz, Coachcraft, or ...., though could be some accessory shop specialized in Chrome Gravel Guards.   The 1939 LaSalle Bohman & Schwartz bodied car I restored had similar Chrome Gravel Guards (and I have seen similar on a runningboard delete 1939 Packard 160 Convertible sporting Bohman & Schwartz badges). 


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On 11/21/2019 at 12:53 PM, JACK M said:

2:04, Ambassador Lido Club.

What the heck is Feminine Conditioning?


On 11/21/2019 at 2:55 PM, Rusty_OToole said:

I think it's a health spa for women.



Lido is Italian for beach - in English, it has come to mean an outdoor swimming pool, as shown in the video.  I'd agree "Feminine Conditioning" probably referred to a spa as part of the facility, although it looks like there are quite a few men around the pool.  😉

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On 11/24/2019 at 12:10 PM, 60FlatTop said:


Lincoln came out with the Lido model in 1951, following the Buick Riviera models. If you can't have the Rivera the beach is OK.



Riviera is Italian for "coastline" - not much different from lido (beach).  :D

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Didn't the pink 1954 Chrysler LaComtesse start out as a show car and then someone decided to make it trim package on a production '55 Dodge as the LaFemme?


There have been LOTS of pink-hued cars that were one-off showcars; especially in the 1950's, and early 1960's.



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