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I finally bought one of those newfangled serpentine belts for my 25-45 but goofed when selecting the length.

The tensioner teeter totter is pulled down too far in my opinion and the spring is stretched way out.  spring might also be wrong.

Belt is a 305K9 which is supposed to be 30.5 inches x 1.26 if I interpreted the code correctly.

what is the correct length fan belt for 25 Master  ?

also this car is a mix of multiple year parts; 24 motor, 25 or later fan assembly



fan belt 1.jpg

fan belt 2.jpg

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When new, most belts were made of a material that stretched over time. Thus the need for adjustment to keep sufficient tension on the fan pulley.

If you elect to use a "modern" belt that does not/will not stretch, in effect you do not need adjustment for the fan pulley.


Two options

1. Fit a leather belt (more period) that will stretch over time, or;

2. Take the current belt back, exchange it for a longer one, so that you are happy with the "position" of the adjuster.


Problem solved.



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The fan belt length for 1925-1927 Master is shown as 31"in the Dave Chambers 1971 AACA article. I can't verify since I have yet to change out the smaller 1924 hub that was on my car to the 1925 and later oil filled design.

 The article also states 6 cyl belts are the same from (29 3/4") 1918-1925 which is in error since the 1925 started the new design.

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