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What other buick parts interchange with 73 Centurion Thanks!


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Hello buick Lovers,

I own a 1973 buick Centurion and have front body damage. I need hood, front fenders and front grill. My question is what other models and year buicks can be used as interchange for this car. I know that the electra models have a longer wheel base. Is the extra length in the front doors or in the front fenders. I have a 76 Electra and can use it for parts. Can I use them.

I hope that 73 lesabre and Centurion are not the only parts I can use. I would like to thank you for your help with this. If there is any parts in the Northwest part of the Country that you know of that has the parts I need for the 73 Centurion please send me an email please. Email is: jes79@juno.com

Take care and thanks again,

john erik

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I have a 1975 Chassis and body book from Buick motor division. These books can drive ya nuts but as from what I see the 73 Centurion shared the same fender with the LaSabre and Electra both four door and two door models as well. The chrome strip is even the same going around the wheel well. Hope this is some help.

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Back then, the fenders might work for a couple of model years, but the chrome and garnish trim might change yearly. It would be unusual for the grilles to go more than one model year back then, but they could all go in the same place. Sometimes, what looks like it would be the same are different, too.

The "wheelbase" spec is just that, distance between the centerlines of the front and rear wheels. Typically, a longer wheelbase car back then would have more rear seat leg room while the front seat room remained constant. One of the best examples of that would be the Chrysler C-bodies from the later '60s when the full size Plymouth Fury had a 119" wheelbase, the Dodge Polara/Monaco had a 122" wheelbase, and the Chryslers had 124" wheelbase. As the wheelbase increased, so did the rear seat leg room. GM and Ford did similar things too.

Probably one of the best resources would be an old Chilton Crash Parts Manual. They were printed to include several years of cars in one edition. Manufacturer part numbers and such too for easy interchange investigations. Otherwise, the Hollander Manual that the salvage yards use would have this information too. Do be advised that the Hollander listings mean the part will bolt up and work, but could require some modifications regarding chrome trim and such so you can use the different year model part on your vehicle (with respect to body parts).

Happy hunting!


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