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1956 Dodge body sytle ID help

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This 1956 2 door hardtop recently wandered into the yard. It has no body tag on cowl like the other 2 55/56 Dodge I have in inventory. I know the body tag is steel and sometimes falls off, but there is no screw holes on cowl or any signs this car ever had a body tag on cowl. Anyone one got any ideas?




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Does it have the shift handle sticking out of the dash? If so, it is a 1955 Custom Royal Lancer two door hardtop. If it is a push button automatic, it is a 1956. The 1955 is 6 volt. The 1956 is 12 volt. What else do you want to know about it? Looks like it has 1955 door handles. Looks l9ike this one....

1955 Dodge 2 door.jpg

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1 hour ago, OLDTINPUSHER said:

Rear shot. All the royal lancers I've seen appears slightly different .  This has no chrome "fins" and taillight is more plain. 


I see now that it is the "Coronet Lancer" according to my books.

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