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tail lite

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6 hours ago, roysboystoys said:

Sometimes called rear lamp assembly

But never should be called a rear tail lamp because that would be the same as a double negative, making it a front parking lamp except that is also a double negative.

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1 hour ago, TerryB said:

Maybe Auto-Lite, like the electrical parts company of the same name, or Bud’s lite if bud once owned it?

Some Chrysler products of the late 1920s and early 1930s have a term like "FILITE" as a trademark. There are others.

Picture 10466.jpg

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5 minutes ago, AHa said:

OK, someone was right. Stamped into the top of the housing of this rear tail lamp is Studebaker, type A. See, I told you it was calorie free. Now, which Studebaker is a type A?

Studebaker is the make. Type A is a taillight style, I believe. Here it is on a 1927 Studebaker....

1927 Studebaker taillight.jpg

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